Quality Statement

For more than 60 years, Ames Construction has demonstrated its continuing commitment to deliver construction services in a professional manner, yielding high-quality projects for our clients. Our Quality Policy aligns with our purpose, vision, mission, and strategic direction.

Ames is committed to ensuring that the design, construction, materials, and all elements of work performed by Ames, our subcontractors, and suppliers meet and exceed client expectations. We achieve excellence through the power of our people driving a culture of continuous improvement.

Providing quality work that is on time and within budget is the standard at Ames Construction. However, our partners know that we go beyond this standard and strive to exceed expectations in spite of the toughest challenges.

We achieve this in two key ways:

  1. Ames Construction focuses on people, communication, and solutions. Ames Construction has a team of tenured, quality-trained craft, safety, and management professionals. This team of professionals is supported with a history of self-performance coupled with an industry-leading fleet of equipment. The combination of people, communication, and solutions allows Ames to overcome any obstacle and achieve success on every project.
  2. Ames Construction delivers success by establishing, maintaining, and implementing effective systems. This includes our Corporate Quality Management System. The purpose of this system is to establish processes ensuring the delivery of a quality project through clear, correct, complete, and concise communication.


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