With more than 30 years of experience with hydroelectric power projects, we work closely with clients to construct new facilities and to retrofit existing, nonpowered dams to become energy-producing resources.

Our capabilities include earth and rock excavation; intake, penstock, and powerhouse construction; and turbine and generator installation. Ames crews are accustomed to working in unpredictable conditions and remote locations with high environmental sensitivity. When you need a partner that’s up to the task, we’re ready to deploy and deliver.

Faraday Repower

Completed construction of the Faraday hydroelectric plant in northwestern Oregon.

Olmsted Hydroelectric

Built a new hydroelectric plant adjacent to a decommissioned plant in Orem, Utah.

Red Rock Hydroelectric

Retrofitted an existing dam in Iowa with a powerhouse to generate clean, renewable energy.

Rocky Mountain Hydroelectric

Built a dam around the upper reservoir of a pumped-storage hydroelectric plant in Georgia.