Ames’ proven history of successfully executing complex mining projects under demanding schedules has placed us at the forefront of the mining industry for more than 35 years.

Working for some of the world’s largest mining companies, we’ve built an arsenal of experience across the mining lifecycle. Our capabilities include pre-production stripping, turnkey mine development, contract mining, mine closure and reclamation, detailed structural and mechanical modifications, leach pads, tailings dams, major renovations to existing processing facilities, and aggregate processing.

US 191X American Mountain Realignment

Constructed multiplate tunnels for an Arizona mine.

Southwest Leach Pad

Constructed a new leach pad, channels, and ponds at a mine in the southwestern U.S.

Tailings Storage Facility

Built a tailings storage facility in a 9-month project for a southwest Arizona mining operation.

Silver Basin Dam and Reservoir

Constructed the first asphalt core dam in the U.S. for an Arizona mining operation.

Southwest Mine for Leach

Constructed an ore stockpile facility over an existing stockpile at a mine in the southwestern U.S.

High-Grade Ball Mill

Performed turnkey construction for Colorado gold mine.

Tailings Facility

Updated and expanded mining, milling, and tailings operations for a Utah mining operation.

Azusa Quarry & Reliance Landfill

Reclaimed half of a California quarry and prepared the other half for future mining activities.

Valley Leach Facility

Constructed a new valley leach facility to expand existing operations at a Colorado mine.

Pinto Valley Tailings Dam

Performed tailings dam construction including excavation and regrading of tailings.

Cortez Hills Gold Mine

Performed mine development including roadway realignment through mountainous terrain.

San Manuel Mine Closure

Performed the largest ever open pit reclamation in the state of Arizona.

Mine Site Reclamation

Performed mine reclamation including leach pad and waste dumps in Utah.

Flambeau Copper Mine

Performed mine development and reclamation work at a sensitive Wisconsin site.

Copper Tailings Remediation

Performed the remediation of mixed copper tailings and sludge at a Utah tailings facility.

Black Pine Gold Mine

Performed mine development including valley leach pad construction in Idaho.