Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Tracy Allen

Ames Construction is proud to celebrate the extraordinary women on our team during Women in Construction Week—and every day of the year!

As we celebrate WIC Week and Women’s History Month, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the women who contribute to the present and future of Ames and the entire heavy civil and industrial construction industry.

Tracy Allen
Estimating & Procurement Coordinator
Rocky Mountain Region
Office Location: Rocky Mountain Regional Office
2 years at Ames

→ What do you like best about working in construction?

The best part about working in the construction industry is the people. You meet so many from all over in this industry. And among my coworkers, there is a camaraderie you will not find anywhere else.

→ Did you face any challenges when you first started in the construction industry? If so, what types of challenges, and how did you overcome them?

When I first started working in the construction industry, you had to have a bit of grit as a woman entering what used to be considered a man’s world. Over the years, I have seen so many opportunities become available for women, and every day it continues to grow, allowing women to be considered equals in the industry.

→ What does the future hold for women in construction?

One of the most profound things about the construction industry is that it is ever changing and evolving, leaving room for more advancement and growth for women to join the industry. I think we will see more and more women working in the construction industry, from projects in the field to women-owned businesses.

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