Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Sheridan Walund

Ames Construction is proud to celebrate the extraordinary women on our team during Women in Construction Week—and every day of the year!

As we celebrate WIC Week and Women’s History Month, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the women who contribute to the present and future of Ames and the entire heavy civil and industrial construction industry.

Sheridan Walund
Field Engineer
Western Region
Project: Industrial development project, Nevada
3 years at Ames

→ What advice would you give women looking to join the construction industry?

Take advantage of all that your company and local Associated General Contractors organization have to offer. Be as involved as you can with your company and the community. There are lots of great mentors in the industry. Be willing to learn from them!

→ What makes you proud to work in the construction industry?

Being able to see projects from start to finish is very rewarding. Knowing that you’ve helped create something that benefits the community makes you feel a different kind of happy. Also, driving through your jobs and being able to say to your family and friends, “Hey, I built that”—that never gets old.

→ Do you believe women are given the same opportunities for career growth as men? If not, what changes would you like to see, and how quickly would you expect change to occur?

I came into this industry at the perfect time. There was a time when women in the industry may have been looked down on and not given the same opportunities as men, but that has not been my experience in the slightest. I’m proud that the stigma is coming to an end, and I’m proud to be an employee at Ames.

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