Ames Opens Utah’s New West Davis Highway Ahead of Schedule

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Ames Construction accelerated to the finish line on the West Davis Corridor project in Utah, opening the new roadway in early January 2024, several months ahead of schedule. More than 2,500 people celebrated the project with a two-mile walk-run-bike event on the highway before it was opened to traffic.

Now known as West Davis Highway, the 16-mile corridor near the Great Salt Lake will relieve traffic congestion in one of the fastest growing areas of the country. The project included new northbound and southbound lanes, five freeway-style interchanges, 21 roadway bridges, and four pedestrian bridges, plus nearly 10 miles of new trails and 1,100 acres of preserved wetlands.

With Ames as the managing partner for Farmington Bay Constructors Joint Venture, the project logged more than 2 million hours since construction began in May of 2021. Ames contributed more than 1 million of those hours.

When faced with challenges over the course of the project, the JV team stepped up with solutions while maintaining the original schedule, according to Senior Project Manager Robert Patcheck. “This created multiple opportunities for office and field staff to step into new roles,” he said.

Ames’ Rocky Mountain Region contributed multiple crews to this Western Region project when needed. “It was fun watching the team come together—solving problems; helping the owner, cities, and counties; and watching each team member grow personally and professionally,” Patcheck said. “It was truly the team effort that made the difference on this job.”

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