Mine Tailing Dams

Tailings Storage Facility 3, Stage 3

Tailings Storage Facility 3, Stage 3

In May of 2016, Ames Construction crews began a contract at a mine near Carlin, Nevada, to complete an inside raise of the existing tailings facility. The existing tailings dam embankment is being raised 70 feet using open pit mine waste. Ames will reshape the inside face of the embankment and place the remaining inside materials, which include a 15-foot-thick layer of buffer zone material and a two-layer liner system. Ames crews will also raise piping, install perimeter roadway and relocate the existing tailings lines from the stage 2 embankment to the stage 3 embankment. The work scope also includes impoundment grading, underliner drains, access pads, GCL LLDPE and construction of access roads.

Steep slopes on the inside of the tailings facility pose special challenges. Five days a week, Ames crews will place the buffer zone material in complete horizontal lifts that will require an eight-scraper haul on the inside face of the mine waste. On the sixth day, excavators with blade and roller attachments will be used to prepare the surface as the buffer fill advances vertically.

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