Marcellus LNG Production Facility

Marcellus LNG Production Facility Phase 2

Traditionally, liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants are located along a shoreline for ease of exporting. Breaking with that tradition, Ames Construction completed a project to develop a site inland for construction of an LNG plant in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania.

Site development work included earthwork, aggregate placement, and installation of HDPE storm drain. Pennsylvania is wet and rainy with glacial till soil that contains significant cobbles and rock in varying sizes that range from tiny particles to large boulders all jumbled together. Crews used filter sock for sediment control, and lime stabilization soil to strengthen material to provide a solid working platform for facility construction. Despite significant wet conditions, Ames crews maintained and controlled surface runoff with little erosion on steep embankments.

When built and operational, the LNG plant will supercool and liquefy locally extracted Marcellus Shale gas and ship it first by truck, then by rail to customers in the US and abroad.

Duration: July 2019 to June 2020