Intermodal Storage Facility

Intermodal Storage Facility

Intermodal transportation isn’t new; far from it. This tried-and-true method of getting goods to market using containers and multiple modes of transportation has been around since the 18th century. However, what is new is the surge of growing demand for speed and efficiency that has intermodal facilities focused on expansion.

Ames Construction was the prime contractor of a design-build project to add 105,000 square feet of storage to a client-owned shipping facility located in Mesquite, Texas—one of the largest in the nation. Crews constructed additional working tracks, parking, a new crane maintenance pad and maintenance building, and new fueling facility. Ames crews are also constructing two miles of an additional auto lead track for storage capabilities and approximately 6.5 miles of a new second mainline for increased railroad transportation needs. The work scope included grading, piping, piling, decking, structural concrete, structural steel and bridge structures.

More than 2,000 shipped containers are handled daily at the client facility. With round-the-clock operations of the facility, the working relationship with the owner and communication with entities involved in and around the site were critical. As crews became more involved with utility relocation planning and coordination than anticipated, Ames streamlined resources for greatest efficiency. By remaining engaged and informed, Ames teams strategically planned the schedule and sequenced the work without hindering the owner’s productivity.