Powered by People: General Superintendent Karli Mikkola

Karli Mikkola has spent more than half of his life with Ames Construction, joining the Intermountain Power Project in Utah in 1983.

“I enjoy solving problems. If this was a ‘perfect’ job, I wouldn’t still be around. I specialize in pipe work, but I enjoy the whole job, from start-up to completion. I also enjoy finding new people to train in the industry to be the future of Ames.”

Karli brought a decade of construction experience to Ames, but owners John Ames and Mark Brennan played a big role in helping him learn the industry and the “Ames Way” of working. This included how to use and care for equipment and how to treat people equally and with respect.

Today, Karli’s the one giving advice.

“For new Ames team members, be dedicated to your job, keep a positive attitude through ups and downs, and help your fellow workers to succeed,” he says.

As General Superintendent, Karli oversees jobs in Ames’ Southwest Region, ensuring that each project has the necessary equipment and labor, and making sure that everything is running safely and successfully. He also sits in on bid reviews for the region.

“I am especially proud that with Superintendent Hank Chaddock and his son, Superintendent Nick Chaddock, we have developed in the last two decades a seasoned mechanical pipe group. This group has built more than 10 pump stations and related components in California and Arizona with stainless steel and carbon steel.”

Ames has given Karli the opportunity to travel with his wife, Gina, and family to many states for work, and he’s enjoyed meeting Ames team members across the country.

“Retirement is on the horizon, but I will always be watching Ames projects. I will miss everyone when the time comes.”